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Imagine precious black and white family images gracing your walls greeting guests when they walk into your home, or the most perfect, sweet portrait of your newborn hanging above the crib, or gifting your parents with a beautiful framed photograph featuring their favorite people. What if wonderful images of your family lived on your walls and in your hands instead of only on your phone?

To this day when I go to friends or even strangers homes, my favorite thing is to walk around their home and silently peer into their picture frames, looking into the moments and times they hold important enough to display, looking into the moments and times they hold important enough to frame; I LOVE having a glimpse into their lives. Admit it … you love it too!! To get a glimpse now (without the nosey neighbor vibe) click here.

Now, don’t get me wrong … Digital Images definitely have their place and I LOVE me some social media! (You can find mine here and here) The great news is that I make it really easy for you to have the best of both worlds by offering Beautiful Prints AND Digital Files!

“I truly enjoyed our session because you had a clear vision of the photographs you wanted to capture. There didn’t seem to be any guessing on your part, you knew exactly what pictures you wanted, and that is really important when you have a difficult husband like mine who doesn’t want to be there all day (haha)! ” – Susan B.

Love what you see?

Click here to book a session with me! Want to see even more? Still have questions? Call me for a no pressure chat and we'll see if we’re right for each other! 916-417-2994