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Do you dream of spending a sun drenched morning, sharing hugs and laughter with your beautiful family, or a golden late afternoon wrapped in the embrace of the love of your life, or a few intimate hours, snuggling with your newborn in the quiet setting of your home? What if you could have these amazing moments photographed so you can relive them over and over?

A photo session with me is an experience that allows you and your family to be yourselves, just spend time with each other … without the stiff poses and forced smiles. I want to sit on the ground and play with your kids. I want to capture the sparkle in your eyes when your sweetheart whispers something into your ear. In 10 years, I want the images I provide you to be a memory of your beautiful life at this very moment in time. I seek out imagery that portrays an emotion or elicits one, whether it is a fine art portrait or a lifestyle candid.

To view some recent memories in the making, and get to know just a little more about me, click here.

“I loved your friendly, easy going vibe. You had lots of cool ideas but were open to our ideas for pictures as well.” – Nichole R

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