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#TBT – Mama Project 52

Thursday, Feb 20th, 2014

Hello lovelies!  It is FINALLY time to introduce to you a project so close to my heart and one that I am SUPER excited about.  Its the Mama Project 52 and you can participate on Instagram!  You may have noticed a sweet little ribbon at the top of my website inviting you to join and today is the day I tell you all about it!  My first project post is below (excuse the quality … its a picture of an old picture!) …

Mama 52 Project

So often we remember to take pictures of our Littles at special events and holidays … but we often forget to take those images of every day small things.  Reading to your child, tying their shoes, snuggling … It is SO important to capture those sweet moments before they disappear.  Those are the things that are fleeting, and that you will miss the most!  And its important for YOU to be a part of those pictures too!!!!  (I know because I am not in very many of them from when my big guy was a Little!)

So click here … and join me in the Mama Project 52!  You’ll even get a chance to win a really sweet Instagram album 😉  Hope to see your awesome posts real soon!

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Want to Pin an image from this blog post? Click below and Pin Away!

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