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How to Overcome a False Start – Tuesday Tips

Tuesday, Feb 18th, 2014

Wikipedia defines ‘False Start’ in the following way: “… a false start is a movement by a participant before (or in some cases after) being signaled or otherwise permitted by the rules to start …”  Here’s the story of my most recent False Start.

False Start - Tuesday Tips

Step 1)  Work with the best guys ever who will take all of your crazy ideas, post it notes, and nutty ramblings; and then will put them together into one beautiful updated website representing everything that was floating around in your head.

Step 2)  Pour your heart and soul into every picture and every word on the website.  Write, rewrite, and edit … agonize over whether you have used the word ‘awesome’ too many times.

Step 3)  LAUNCH!  Tell your friends, your neighbors, your family, total strangers, and of course all of Facebook that your website re-launch is LIVE!!  (You are so excited you can’t even handle it)

Step 4)  Come down with the flu … and not just any flu, but the scary kind that is hospitalizing people.  Be out of commission (no blogging, no posting, no clients, no photography, no deliveries …) for 2 WEEKS.

False Start - Tuesday Tips

Step 5)  Publicly apologize for your absence.  Get back on that horse.  Blog your heart out.  Let everyone know … “I’m Back Baby!”

So the re-launch didn’t go as planned … BUT … I’m feeling better, super excited for all the new stuff that is coming this year, and well … I’m Back Baby!  Stay tuned …Nica Photography Logo

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