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Tuesday Tips – Its All About Perspecitve

Tuesday, Jan 21st, 2014

Today’s Tuesday Tips is all about changing your perspective … when it comes to taking pictures … change of perspective in other things is a whole other blog post 😉

REALLY Up Close & Personal

One of the most important tips I can give to take better pictures in your every day lives is to really get up close and personal … don’t be shy!  If you’re taking a picture of scenery, by all means, take them from as far away as you want … but if its people you’re after, make sure you can see their faces and especially their eyes (you know, windows to the soul and all that …)

Focus on the relationships!

Focus (no pun intended) on the relationships between people.  Some of the most memorable shots are found in tickles and hugs and even high fives.  You don’t have to wait until everyone is smiling at the camera!

Change It Up!

Don’t be afraid to change it up … get moving … get your workout in while you are grabbing some awesome shots!  Here are more examples of changing it up!

Birds Eye View

Shoot from above!  Get a ladder, hold your camera (carefully) up high, stand over your subject like you’re Godzilla … whatever it takes.

Army Crawl

Get down low!  (I was squatting so low to take these that I looked like a frog … but squatting frog doesn’t sound as refined as crouching tiger so lets just go with the tiger thing ok?)

After you have THE SHOT (you know, the one where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera (and if you have Littles, this can be the hardest shot to get!), don’t be afraid to mix it up … be your family’s own photo journalist.  Change the angles that you take pictures from or change what your focus is on and be patient, be creative, but mostly, have fun!

Sweet Baby Boy

These moments are perfect and fleeting … and unless you’re part of the Brangelina tribe and have your own paparazzi … you might be the only one their to capture them!

(Of course, you can always contact me to be your paparazzi for the day!)

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Want to Pin an image from this blog post? Click below and Pin Away!

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