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Manic Monday – “Me oh my, I love pie!”

Monday, Jan 13th, 2014

Little did I know when I started my blog again last week that by Wednesday, my body would give up the fight after the holiday rush and finally succumb to the worst cold ever … E.V.E.R.  Ugh!

Of course, after being sick all last week, playing catch up has made today truly manic.  And so, I bring you the one food item that can make a Manic Monday not only tolerable, but actually enjoyable … Ladies & Gentlemen, I bring you pie!

Manic Monday - Pie

Do you remember the movie Michael, where John Travolta plays an angel?  This movie was never going to win any Oscars but it just makes me happy (kind of like pie does).  You may recall that Andie MacDowell actually sang a song about pie in the movie.  Click here  to enjoy!  It’ll make you smile … promise …

It is my firm belief that pie makes everything better and that there are indeed, no bad pies (except maybe mincemeat … what is mincemeat anyways?).  In any case, pie is exactly how I am going to end MY Manic Monday…                                                                                        (peach pie to be precise, slightly warmed, with just a smidge of whipping cream)     

How are you ending YOUR Manic Monday?  What’s your favorite pie?  What exactly IS mincemeat?  Seriously, it sounds terribly unappetizing.    I have questions people … if you have answers, leave a comment!

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