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Happy New Year … we’re back … new stuff coming … Manic Monday

Monday, Jan 6th, 2014

Hello lovelies!!!  Long time no blog, I know!  Its a new year, a new blog schedule, and soon to be a fresh new look on the website!

As you know, today is Monday … and they’re almost always manic (there is a song written about it after all … go here if you want to experience a little 80’s magic).  So in light of the mania that comes with most Mondays, I have decided that I will reserve my Monday blog posts for things that just make me happy and bring me to my smiley place!

Exhibit #1 … my furry office pal.  I actually have two fur babies but this guy right here, well he comes and lies down on the rug in my office next to my desk every day.  When you work from home, a lot of that time is spent by yourself and while I don’t really mind it … it sure is nice to have a partner in crime once in a while.  He’s a really great listener, doesn’t mind my taste in music, and occasionally doubles as a warm footrest!  (although as you can see, this arrangement does require more time vacuuming)

Manic Monday - Office Pal

Happy Monday everyone!!!

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