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Friday, Jan 6th, 2012

The first Family Friday post for 2012 isn’t an event or a fun tip or even a cool product … No, this Family Friday post is from another blog I was introduced to this week … and I adore this post.  I wish I had written it … it needs to be said … but second to writing it is sharing it with all of you lovelies!  This is a reminder to all you moms (and dads) out there in the parenting world that its hard, but its worth it and it isn’t perfect but it doesn’t have to be!

Lesson 2: Don’t Carpe Diem  <– Click Here

I thought about putting a photograph here of my son when he was a toddler, covered in pasta sauce; none-to-happy about it either … but he’s 13 now and probably would never forgive me if I posted it.  Let’s just say he didn’t have marinara sauce again for many, many, many years … and we were BOTH ok with that!

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