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Family Friday | Fair Oaks Portrait Photographer

Friday, Aug 19th, 2011

Happy Friday everyone!!  This Friday I bring you a little snapshot into my life …

Once a week, my son and I make dinner together.  Its more than just mixing and chopping … He picks out the recipe, looks at the ingredients (to make sure it has stuff that he likes), we go to the store together and price compare, we go over the recipe and determine our savings with coupons and sales, figure out what our meal cost is per person, and head home.  Then, together, we cook the meal.  We talk about when to start the main dish, side dishes, etc to make sure everything is done at the same time.  We talk about portions and nutrition.  We set the table and clean up afterwards.  The whole enchilada (pun intended).

We get to spend time together, I get help with dinner, and he gets to learn a little about multi-tasking, math, nutrition and cooking.  We look forward to these dinners every week.  This week it was halibut sandwiches with homemade tartar sauce and a bow-tie veggie pasta.  It was delicious!

Below are photos from when he made chili and cornbread muffins with grandpa and grandma …

Family Friday - Fair Oaks Portrait Photographer

Remember to snap some photos of these everyday moments … they are what make up our memories and our lives!

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