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Friday, Jun 10th, 2011

Welcome to my new weekly blog: Family Fridays!  In my line of work I meet dozens of families in all shapes and sizes.  Having a family of my own, I know what its like to try to get things together, make plans, etc.  So each Friday I will *try* to post something helpful before the weekend.  It could be some local, kid-friendly happenings, some news worth sharing with the world, or, like this week, a helpful resource that I’ve run across!

This week I want to share with you My Job Chart.  This tool is awesome … really!!  With my son being much too old for your typical chore chart (complete with star stickers), and with my husband’s and my busy schedules, sometimes its impossible to keep track of chores, allowances, etc.  I think this is the solution for us and we are giving it a go this summer!  The best thing about this program is that you can reward your children with anything from quality time, like family game night, to cold, hard cash!  You even have an option to give to the charities of your choice.  You determine the chores, the value of each chore … everything!  Once you’re set up, the kids just log on, complete their log, and you get reports on what chores are done and when … easy!  And aren’t we all looking for just a little “easy” in our lives?  Click here for the video that explains far better than I ever could!

And because posts without pictures are boring … here’s some of those families of all shapes and sizes I was talking about!

Cow Kiss

Sibling Cheetahs

***Photos from National Geographic

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